Bell Sports Lumina Premium Light Set

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  • Longer Run Time than competition
  • Advanced lens and reflector Optics put the light where it's needed
  • Headlight - Hi and low beam, tail light - steady and Strobe modes
  • Tested to FL-1 standards
  • 3-Aa batteries front (Not included), 2-aa batteries rear (Not included)


Bell Lumina premium light set - modern hi-lumen light set delivers a punch. Ansi/nema fl-1 standards - all bell lights are tested to fl-1 standards to show consistent and meaningful Lumen information. Fl-1 is an independent standardized test to ensure consumer has accurate and comparable information on which to base their purchase decision. To see/to be seen - bell's high Lumen, "to see" headlight has a bright, focused beam which allows the rider to see the road ahead. Our "to be seen" lights are designed to throw light in all directions making the rider more visible to others. This type of light is appropriate for areas such city streets where there is more ambient light.